A ROELMI GROUP challenge

A ROELMI GROUP challenge

Teamworking is always a good choice to better develop and create something. Sharing ideas, information and visions with others allows you to improve your work and make the difference.
In ROELMI Group we strongly believe in specialization with cooperation and the EVOLVE-ndo project is the result of our teamwork.

Brasca, RK Pigments and ROELMI HPC: One team. One project.

EVOLVE-ndo collects the best ingredients and technologies that the companies in Roelmi Group have developed over the years, in order to create a better product, more effective and performative, and also 100% sustainable driven, which means a particular attention is given to the
environment, biodiversity and the use of renewable sources.
For this reason, the program called NIP® (Nature Is People) guides daily company life, because sustainability is not only a philosophical concept for us, but the basis for every development and every activity. The company contributes to provide innovative actions towards a future where high-value ingredients represent the heart of progress.
You may wonder how long it takes to develop such a product.
Thanks to the specialization of each company of the group, as well as to our innovative technologies, we can do it in a short time.

Brasca‘ s expertise and experience in combining synergically natural ingredients on a physical level allow us to create high-performing, innovative and sustainable formulas.

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ROELMI HPC does research, development and production of functional and active ingredients, through cutting-edge technologies driven by innovation, ethics, safety and sustainability.

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Our 40 years experience in the
production of pigments allow us to to realize unique colors, by creating cosmetic colorants with sustainable and responsible ingredients.

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As you can see, our specializations all together allow us to offer a complete “package” to realize sustainable and performative make-up products, in a short time.

Our goal is to dive deep into the market by simplifying the processing steps to obtain the finished product, while maintaining a unique and high-value product.